Sunday, February 26, 2006


At first I thought it's masturbation. Having noticed enough guys do it in loos, now I know they are just jerking the last drops of urine off their cocks after a piss. But it still freaks me out a bit (Note, it's not a turn on), especially when I see guys leave the loo without washing their hands after the 'jerks'.

There is another bad habit I have noticed lately. (I wouldn't go to communal loos as often earlier--since the new job and every weekend spent at the movies, it's an average of three times a day.) Guys staring at the other pee-ing cocks. And I had thought it happens only among gay men cruising for fucks. Guess it's the straight men doing it too--only they aren't looking for sex but either trying to reassure themselves about their own penis size or fretting about it. I wonder whether the obsession with size--and the taboo/hype about sex--was born with the invention of clothes. If we were all still nudists, we would need no sex education?!

While on the 'P' obsession, I found an article on which listed two sites which will give you your daily fix of porn. Go here and here. The article itself is not interesting but you can read it here. The other interesting link which all men with a dick will find useful as a penis resource is Enough links for this post!

I have thankfully never been a someone with an obsession for big ones, or in gay parlance, a size queen. And no, it's not because my boyfriend is well endowed. (And wee have never even discussed this subject but I guess now that I have written about it, I guess we will end up talking about it.) I confess though that I don't find my penis when it's NOT erect a pretty size and sometimes do feel conscious about the 'fact'. And "no one's complained about it" has been one of my standard responses when asked about my dick size. (the other corny one being: "why don't you measure it sometime?") Yet I disagree that the first response implies a chip on the shoulder about one's dick size. In my case I am just not up to talking like a carpenter and his scale and with being indifferent to size: the average size is just fine by me--I go for other things in a guy.

The bottom line is we all get pricked by the question in some way--we are all such jerks!